Follow your heart

As a creative, curious, lifetime student, my natural inquisitiveness and passion for learning continue to lead me on an amazing journey.  I followed the traditional learning path and received my MBA and went on to work in the corporate world for 20+ years.  Here I was able to develop solutions and strategies for better workflows.  But I was always searching for more - information, knowledge, experience - it felt as if something was missing.  This prompted me to explore a wide variety of self-development programs.  As I dove deep into my personal and spiritual growth, I found what was “missing” all those years.  It was the pursuit of my joy - creating and sharing beautiful handcrafted, high-quality jewelry. That is when Kay Yara Designs was born.

Jewelry is so personal, it transforms the way we feel about ourselves.  It gives us confidence, helps us feel put together, and it’s that finishing touch that makes us feel special.  Each and every piece I create holds special meaning and is designed with intention and love to help you fully express who you are.

My inspiration and creativity come from my mom

My mom is probably the most creative and resourceful person I know.  She taught me to sew and crochet at an early age, so growing up, it was always natural for me to do different crafts.  

When I took my first jewelry class 20+ years ago, I was instantly in love! There’s something special about taking metal and gemstones and forming it into a beautiful, delicate piece of jewelry.

Over the years I learned different jewelry making techniques from different mentors or through my own experimentation and learning.  It was when I took my first metalsmithing class at a local art school that I found a renewed passion for the art of making and designing jewelry.  I enjoy the meditative feeling of bringing each piece of jewelry to completion.  There's a gratifying rhythm in sawing, hammering, soldering, polishing and watching a piece bloom before my eyes. 

I often choose to add gemstones to my jewelry, many of which hold special meanings to support us as we journey through our daily lives; stones for love, courage, transformation, energy, protection or grounding.  I think of it as a gentle reminder that we are always surrounded by this energy and to set the intention to tap into it.

Handcrafted in Hawaii

I handcraft my jewelry on the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawaii.  Oahu is known as the gathering place and voice of the islands, and represents our ability to communicate openly and express our thoughts clearly.  I create jewelry that combines beauty, elegant designs, and style to support you in communicating and presenting yourself with confidence, grace, and beauty.